I have always struggled with labeling or classifying my music. Whether it is my name, my genre, my hashtag, my crew, whatever. I have also adopted the idea that the artist does not choose their genre, the listeners do. That said, this time, I think I found a solid way to describe my music and my songs.

First we need to know what the 5th dimension is.

What is the 5th dimension?

No one explains it better than my friend, truth-illuminator and healer Jen Ward. Her definition of the fifth dimension is:

The reality that we are moving into that accepts more tangibles than just depth, width and height as modes of spaciousness and operation. The human mind as it works now has filtered out most of the intangible ways humans are starting to operate beyond height, width and depth. (much of Jenuine Healing is teaching people how to be aware and capable in subtle energies.)

(Read an in-depth explanation of the fifth dimension on her blog)

When it comes to popular music, currently most popular songs are based in the third dimension and are about pretty much one thing – love between two people. Typically a man and a woman, but that is changing too. In addition, songs could either be about being sad, lonely, depressed, partying, doing drugs, having sex or having superficial fun. While there is a place for all of this, pop music has become overrun and over-saturated with third dimensional songs.

What I call the fifth dimension music movement is…

…tapping into a higher level of existence and song topics. One artist Jen often refers to is John Denver. His music is the music of the trees, of the Earth, of Gaia. He wrote songs about nature, expansive love and returning to our roots.

5D Spotify Playlists

Let’s start in the 60s and 70s

In the previous century (1900s) we overcame huge barriers to awakening like defeating Hitler, overcoming the Great Depression, and winning civil liberties for all races (sort of). When the 60s and 70s came around, we were on the peak of awakening as a human species. Artist were saturating the radio waves with peace and love. Manfredd Mann, The Moody Blues, Earth, Wind and Fire, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Beatles (later years & solo), Fleetwood Mac, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Crosby, Still and Nash, Jethro Tull, Yes, Stevie Wonder, Supertramp – the list goes on and on. Here is a list of the top bands from the 60s and 70s.

The overall vibe of the time was much more positive, so even the rockers and superstars and druggies had a more positive influence hitting them while writing and performing songs. Call it whatever you want but the hippie movement was a good thing. Even though it relied heavily on drugs to reach these realizations of our expansiveness, we were hurtling towards living in the fifth dimension.

Then something happened. The 80s.

Man got greedy. Among other things, those in power invented credit cards (a form of power and control exercised by the elites to keep the masses appeased but in chains) and then our love of money and monetary value exploded. Not only in America but across the world. We could get anything we wanted, anytime we wanted and not have to worry about earning it. This of course is a generalization, but the concept holds up.

Now don’t get me wrong, the 80s had lots of positive popular music like Bowie and Queen, but I am referring to a large, very commercial part of the decade with what I am saying here. I’m also referring to the politics and culture that influenced popular music of the decade. It slowed our awakening progress when compared to the previous decades and even current day.

This “sex, drugs and rock and roll” mentality seeped into the mainstream music industry and fairly quickly wiped out all the genuine, loving artists and replaced them with hair metal bands and electronic rock/pop groups. But hey, why not? We were having fun and these records were selling like crazy. Music industry continued to explode and rock stars become icons – they became gods. Now, I believe everyone is god – everyone has the power of god. But when one thinks they have it and others don’t, the ego balloons and you get arrogant rock stars who no longer help the community, but take from the community.

They were singing about sex, money, cars – everything material – aka, the third dimension. For years we as a human race indulged in this music. Keep in mind, music is a vibration – everything in the Universe is a vibration. It’s no big mystery why music is so powerful for humans (and even all life in general) because it MOVES you. It literally moves and moves through you.

Now we’re on to my childhood era, the 90s.

Hip hop happened and helped bring race relations back to the forefront of culture.

We needed that. The hip hop music of the 90s helped show white America that black America did exist and was in dire need of support. While we are still not totally there yet, we have made leaps and bounds since the 90s. The 90s were an interesting decade for music because technology started truly taking over. Everything was electric or electronic. Dance music was bubbling in Europe. Pop was going full on electronic in the US. The internet was starting and Napster emerged. (Read: internet changed everything)

The 90s had a mashup of third and fifth dimension. Some of the grunge, pop and alt/indie artists were pushing for fifth dimension (Savage Garden, Matchbox Twenty). But some of the harshness of the hip hop and EDM scenes were counteracting against that progress (The Prodigy, DMX.) Please understand I love hip hop and even started my career rapping, but hip-hop and gangsta rap/party rap are not the same. When artists were explaining their lives on the streets, they were calling out for help. They were documenting stories that were not yet documented in the mainstream media. I respect this. But through the next two decades, rap influenced popular music and artists began glorifying the hard life of the streets. Glorifying and documenting are completely different. Even those that lived privileged lives wrote songs and rapped about things that never happened to them.

Sidebar: in the 90s you have a huge artist named Michael Jackson rise as the #1 artist of all time.

In the mid 90s he began using his influence to help the world. Whether or not he committed atrocious acts against children, the songs he started writing in the 90s were fifth dimension. Now I realize why I like that era of his so much. Michael stopped doing exclusively pop/party music (Off The Wall) and started writing songs for humanity and the Earth (Earth Song, Man in The Mirror, Heal The World.) It is no wonder he was torn apart in the media. Whether it was for his appearance or his allegations – the world at large turned on him once he began singing for peace. The timing of this is irrefutable.

Now let’s step into the new millennium.

In the late 90s/early 2000s you have crunk music come on the scene.

Now granted, I was still in junior high – I didn’t grasp the effect of this music until much later – so I was fully part of the problem of indulging in and glorying excessive drinking and partying via listening to these songs. Crunk slowly spawned other genres like trap, which itself has spawned many more subgenres that are completely counter-productive to society. All I have to do is mention Lil Peep, Mac Miller and XXXtentacion for you to understand what I mean. If you don’t, Google them.

Pop through the 2000s was plastic. It was fake. We were so blinded by the pop stars of the time that we had no idea how manipulative these artists were. Most of the time these artists were being manipulated themselves. Big business figured out how to push their agenda through the over sexualization and monetization of pop stars like Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys. Do I love their songs? Yes. But now I see the big picture.

In the 2010s rap/hip hop started merging with pop.

EDM started showing up in the US and also merging with pop.

Now we have mashups of genres that create a really unique sound, and funnily enough this mashing up also led to a return to realizing we are not so different. Crossing genres means crossing lifestyles. We began to understand and see each other more as this decade progressed. Now, at the end of the 2010s, we have a singer songwriter lover boy (Ed Sheeran) collaborating with a hardened rapper from the yard (Stormzy.) We have indie darlings (Coldplay) collaborating with hardcode pop/EDM megastars (The Chainsmokers.) We have dropped our limitations. We have crossed our roads and I now believe we are heading back in the right direction. Back towards PLUR before it was synonymous with drugs – PEACE LOVE UNITY AND RESPECT.

These are pillars of the fifth dimension, and THAT is what the 5th dimension music movement is. Zero tolerance for unproductive third dimension songs and agendas and 100% embrace of a higher plane of existence through music and songwriting. My songs are still fun, emotional, catchy and modern, but every single word is carefully placed. Every note and key is chosen to vibrate at a higher level of consciousness. Every song is written with humanity in mind. Every step of a dance or performance is for the greater good. There is no room to falter. There is no time to waste. We are already living in the fifth dimension. I will no longer stand by and let the music industry dictate what kind of songs I write or music I make. So here we go world. Join me. Join the fifth dimension music movement.

How can you join the fifth dimension music movement?

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