About Ch5d

5th Dimension Music Movement | #5DMM

Chad. ✌? Singing songs about the Human Experience // Upgrading Consciousness // Healing Earth // & Fun.

My music is intended to wake people up from complacency. My songs bring you to a higher, better feeling state of being. My songs to let you feel connected and understood. Thus allowing you to release pain, issues, hang ups and go forward in you empowerment.

My vision is that one by one my songs, my listeners, will affect change globally. After hundreds and thousands of years of the same thing, it’s no longer the same. We are not the same. We are no longer living or feeling the same way. We are different.

We are in the midst of a global shift. I know you feel it. The times are changing. Everyone must answer their calling. Mine is music. Music for empowerment. For telling the truth. For feeling good. For protecting ourselves. For remembering ourselves. For waking up. It is time to wake up.